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Some Activities Not Regulated by the FCC

The FCC licenses individual stations only; it does not license radio or television networks, which are organizations composed of multiple stations. Examples of networks include ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. The FCC does license the owners of particular stations within those networks. The FCC does not regulate information provided over the Internet.

The FCC cannot regulate closed-circuit radio or television, which means that it cannot control what is carried over closed-circuit systems in, for example, department stores, airports, or casinos. In addition, the FCC has no authority over the following:

  • bullfights
  • exhibitions
  • promoters of prizefights
  • rodeos
  • sports teams or leagues

Arrangements for broadcasting these events and other exhibitions are made privately between owners of the rights (such as sports teams or leagues) and the stations and/or network involved.

Finally, the FCC cannot regulate:

  • companies that measure the size and other characteristics of radio and TV audiences
  • music-licensing organizations
  • news-gathering organizations (such as AP or UPI) that provide stations with news and comment
  • record companies
  • the manufacture and distribution of audio and video recordings
  • the production, distribution and rating of motion pictures
  • the publishing of newspapers, books, or other printed material

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