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Bureaus and Offices

The FCC contains four key branches and divisions:

  1. Mass Media Bureau, which oversees licensing and regulation of broadcasting services
  2. Common Carrier Bureau, which handles interstate communications service providers
  3. Cable Bureau, which oversees rates and competition provisions of the cable act of 1992
  4. Private Radio Bureau, which regulates microwave and land mobile services

And there are special offices within the FCC that help support the four bureaus:

  • The Field Operations Bureau, which provides enforcement, engineering and public outreach programs.
  • The Office of Engineering and Technology, which provides engineering expertise and knowledge to the FCC and tests equipment for compliance with FCC standards.
  • The Office of Plans and Policy, which functions as a sort of think tank for the FCC.

The FCC contains six Bureaus and ten Staff Offices, arranged by function. The sixteen bureaus and offices are:

  1. Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau
  2. Enforcement Bureau
  3. International Bureau
  4. Media Bureau
  1. Office of Administrative Law Judges
  2. Office of Communications Business Opportunities
  3. Office of Engineering And Technology
  4. Office of Inspector General
  5. Office of Legislative Affairs
  6. Office of Media Relations
  7. Office of Plans And Policy
  8. Office of The General Counsel
  9. Office of The Managing Director
  10. Office of Work Place Diversity
  11. Wireless Telecommunications
  12. Wireline Competition Bureau.

These bureaus’ responsibilities include:

  • analyzing complaints and conducting investigations
  • developing and implementing regulatory programs
  • participating in hearings
  • processing applications for licenses and other filings

Although these various divisions within the FCC have individual functions, they frequently join to address issues that affect the entire FCC.

Inside Bureaus and Offices